X-band and Ka-Band Antenna Systems at Kojarena

Clearbox Systems is a technology company focused on developing new approaches and techniques for the Operations and Management of Communications Networks and the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Since 2007, Clearbox Systems has been delivering on this promise to customers around the world. We do this by providing technology solutions for the Operations and Management of Communications Networks and the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Developed in Australia, and leveraging the best of our local and international partners, our software and hardware solutions are deployed spanning Satellite Communications (SATCOM), Space Situational Awareness, Television and Radio Broadcast, Secure Communications, and Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare (ISREW).

We meet our customer needs by specialising in five areas backed by expertise in Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Digital Signal Processing and Electronics Design.

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We do this by pursuing excellent in five specialisations:

Equipment and Sensor Monitoring and Control (M&C)

Consolidate operations of equipment and sensors into a single user interface

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Spectrum Monitoring and Management

Automatic monitoring and surveillance of spectrum with advanced measurement techniques.

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Network Management and Operational Support Systems

Provide operational context to equipment and spectrum resources to enable service delivery.

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Heterogeneous Signal Processing Systems

Non-proprietary methods for sensing, shaping and processing signals.

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Systems Integration and Support Services

Turn-key delivery of systems using best-of-breed components and considering total cost of ownership

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Our technology manifests itself in four product lines:

Equipment Monitoring and Control, Spectrum Monitoring and Network Management in a modern, web-based platform run centrally or at the edge.

High performance, scalable digital RF hardware. Transmit and Receive RF applications from 400MHz to 4GHz at 200MHz bandwidth and 16 bit sampling depth, distributed over 10GigE.

Real-time heterogeneous signal processing to distribute operations, reduce reliance on proprietary hardware, speed up deployment, and enable parallel processing.

Business Lines

We deliver our capabilities and products across five business lines:

Satellite Communications

World-leading solutions form SATCOM Control Segment covering elements in Space, RF and on the ground.

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Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare

Sensing, Shaping and Manangement of the Electromagnetic Spectrum to deliver a 5th generation warfighting effect.

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Secure Communications

Complex systems integration for public sector, government, critical infrastructure and security customers with an emphasis on reliability and security.

Space Domain Awareness

Passive RF Sensing technology to identify, track and characertise satellites in orbit.

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Broadcast, Media and Telecommunications

Complex technology delivering an everyday outcome for people to consume media content, conduct business or interact with loved ones.

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