Network Management and Operational Support Systems

Equipment M&C and Spectrum Monitoring provide enormous insight into your networks resources. Network Management and Operational Support Systems (NMS/OSS) take it to the next level by extracting the data that matters to your customer.

Network Management and Operational Support Systems take the data from the 1000s of devices, sensors and signals in a network and contextualise with customer data to enable management of the service that is actually being delivered – all from a single software user interface.

Problems we solve for our customers by delivering NMS/OSS solutions include:

  • Service-based Alarms and Reports. Provide operational context to your equipment and bearer and manage your network based on the Service being delivered.
  • Disaster Recovery and Service Continuity. Map your network to plan for recovery scenarios and implement them with a single click.
  • Service Dashboards and Customer Portals. Provide or sell your customer portal access to view the information that is important to them and increase value.
  • Operator Workflows to Improve Efficiency. Increase the effectiveness of your Operations Centre by providing consistent workflows.