Mission-critical, strategic applications require the ultimate in resilience and low latency while maintaining high throughput. DataDefender protects application-specific data transfers against loss with no special router or network configuration.

  • Protect While Transporting Time Critical Data Sets
  • Move Data at High Speed over Global IP Networks
  • Overcome packet loss, re-ordering, duplication, and jitter

Assured Lossless Network Performance

  • Eliminate packet loss and control end-to-end latency with PFEC
  • Reorder packets, reduce retransmissions, and maximise bandwidth with IRP
  • Improve cloud access and inter-VPC link application traffic sensitive to loss or latency

Network Situational Awareness

  • Analyse detailed statistics on network conditions with sub-second reporting
  • Correlate network events with protocol protection
  • Analyse in real-time or plan network improvements with historical trending


  • Packet Forward Error Correction (PFEC)
  • Intelligent Retransmission Protocol (IRP)
  • Latency Aware Reordering Window
  • Network Test Source
  • Sub-second Analytic statistics
  • MTU Enforcement
  • Datagram Packing
  • UDP Frame Boundary Preservation
  • Network Diversity and Multiple Consumer Architecture Support (Optional)