Space Domain Awareness

The global space sector is undergoing unprecedented change. Government investment in space by many countries has reduced the barrier to commercial space access resulting in a projected 20-fold increase in the number of satellites in orbit by 2025. Further, new low-power electric propulsion technologies allow satellites to constantly change orbit. Increased satellite density and manoeuvrability will soon outstrip legacy Space Traffic Management (STM) systems' capability.

There is global consensus on the need for innovative STM systems and related technologies for satellite identification, tracking and collision avoidance.

Clearbox Systems is leveraging over a decade of experience in the Space Industry, particularly related to the use of RF for the assurance of space-based communications and is undertaking development of a suite of Space Domain Awareness (SDA) technologies in support of STM.

These include:

  • a unique radio frequency (RF) sensor that will accurately locate and identify satellites through their radio transmissions, including the software and algorithms to convert sensor data into SSA data;
  • methods to couple SDA data with SIGINT/ELINT data collected from the monitored satellites;
  • a Clearbox Systems-owned network of these sensors to collect data, and
  • a cyber-hardened SSA data storage facility for the data generated by the RF sensor network.

Development is being progressed by a number of means:

  • Internally funded Research and Development
  • Academic partnership with University of New South Wales (UNSW) Canberra Space
  • Research partnership with Defence Science & Technology Group (DSTG)
  • Capability development project with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)

Clearbox Systems is looking for additional partners to collaborate on the development and delivery of SDA solutions, including areas such as:

  • Commercial Ground Segment Providers
  • Other SDA sensors (e.g. Electro-optic, Passive Radar, Optical, Space-based)
  • Data fusion
  • Mission System software

If you are interested in collaborating with us please send an email to