DIGIDIA has emerged as one of the leading companies for digital radio transmission equipment with more than 300 digital radio equipments deployed all over the world in three technologies: Synchronous FM , DAB/DAB+/DMB (Eureka147) and DRM30/DRM+,  all covered with a broad and complete product line including multiplexers, content servers, modulators, IP gateways, monitoring equipment, professional receivers, encoders, decoders and tunnel break-in products.  DIGIDIA leads the way with its straight forward design for innovative, compact and  flexible products. All products  are IP based and contain the latest  COFDM and Software Defined Radio technology on state of the art PC and GPP/FPGA/DSP platforms.


Clearbox Systems proudly represents the Digidia DAB and Synchronous FM product lines in the Australian marketplace. Engineers and technicians from Clearbox Systems are trained in the Digidia product to allow for the provision of system design and integration, sales engineering and after-sales support.



This product line allows to setup many applications following the Eureka147 family of standards including digital radio, mobile TV and push data applications both in Band III and in L-Band.

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