Mux/Demux Network Edge Device

The Kratos T500MX deterministically transports serial telemetry, digitized analog signals, and associated IRIG time between locations linked by commercial IP-based networks, while maintaining very low latency, rigid time-data correlation, and signal integrity.


The T500MX supports aggregate data rates up to 1 Gbps, leveraging the inherent switching power of IP networks to provide reliable and robust data delivery from the source to multiple destinations.

It encapsulates the network, making it transparent to the real-time delivery of time correlated signals.

The T500MX translates between digital and/or analog signals and the standards-based IP network protocol. Conversion back to the original serial, digital, or analog data stream at the destination with high-fidelity allows the T500MX to be a drop-in replacement for existing transport mechanisms.

Variable network latency is factored out by dynamic rate buffering and a deterministic timing scheme that utilises an adaptive high-rate clock to control stream-to-stream skew. The timing approach factors source input jitter out of the destination streams and produces accurate signal output at each destination.


  • Rigid time-data correlation maintained.
  • Little latency contribution and extremely low stream-to-stream skew