Spectrum Monitoring and Management

The Electromagnetic Spectrum is congested and contested. Spectrum Monitoring and Management allows you to keep track of your signals and their performance, and allows you to identify and mitigate interference.


Spectrum Monitoring and Management combines a diverse set of spectrum sensors with software that can keep track of both planned and monitored signals to provide a means to proactively coordinate spectrum operations from a single software user interface.

Problems we solve for our customers by delivering Spectrum Monitoring and Management solutions include:

  • Monitoring Signal Performance. Obtain real time information about Signal performance, including modulation analysis, and compare against nominal values.
  • Integrate Diverse Sensor Suite. Leverage advances in Sensor technology by deploying a multi-vendor, multi-band sensor network.
  • Identify and Mitigating Interference. Detect, identify and mitigate the effect of interference whether it is intentional or accidental.
  • Visualisation of Spectrum Resources. Compare planned and actual usage using trace and waterfall displays.