Heterogeneous Signal Processing Systems

Waveforms and techniques for analysing signals are refreshed constantly. Our approach to Signal Processing using Heterogeneous Computing allows you to update immediately reducing reliance on proprietary hardware and enabling you to distribute your operations.

Heterogeneous Signal Processing Systems is about using non-traditional, non-proprietary methods to process digital signals. Relying on rapid advances in commodity computing and digitisation hardware, and high performance software systems can be rapidly deployed and refreshed at a lower cost.

Advantages of Heterogeneous Signal Processing Systems include:

  • Reduce reliance on proprietary hardware. Use commodity digitiser hardware and cloud computing and focus on delivering a flexible capability.
  • Distribute operations. Digitise RF and distribute it over your networks performing processing at the edge, centrally or both.
  • Parallel Processing. Run multiple analysis routines on the same digital RF without losses, including using a mix of real time and post processing techniques.
  • Rapid prototyping and deployment. Move your key technology to software and iterate over updates and enhancements quickly.