Space Domain Awareness for Joint Task Force – Space Defense

During the week of 15 November, Clearbox Systems' Space Domain Awareness team participated in the Sprint Advanced Concept Training (SAC-T) event. SAC-T is a collaboration between Joint Task Force - Space Defense (JTF-SD), commercial industry and international mission partners.

SAC-T is a way for like-minded partners to push the boundaries and remove barriers in the effort to achieve global real-time space domain awareness.

We successfully contributed data from our SpaceAware network of Passive RF Sensors under taking by the mission controllers, including pushing data to the United State Space Force Unified Data Library (UDL). We are only the second Australian company to be listed on the UDL (after our friends at Electro Optic Systems) which is a great achievement for our program.

Our SpaceAware network of sensors uses Passive RF sensing to accurately locate, identify, track and characterise spacecraft based on their RF emissions.