Time to make the Australian Space Agency permanent: industry

“The midterm question for the Australian Space Agency is making them permanent,” James Brown tells InnovationAus.

“Their funding expires fairly soon. They’re not a permanent agency. They’re part of the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, which has effectively been running a three-year pilot program to see whether we need one."

“The verdict is in, so we’re talking to the government and the opposition about making the Australian Space Agency a statutory agency with its own sort of independent staff and a permanent budget.”

Great ongoing advocacy for the Australian Space Industry by the Space Industry Association of Australia and CEO James Brown, and a great piece by Ben Grubb getting comment from Christian Porter and Ed Husic MP.

With a federal election in the not too distant future Clearbox Systems is looking for the commitment called for in the article to make the Australian Space Agency a statutory agency, with a permanent budget including funding for a civil space program.

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