Inmarsat selects Clearbox Systems to continue supply of satellite communications management software

The Australian Department of Defence has extended its satellite services contract with Inmarsat to provide military personnel with command, control and situation awareness communications for another seven years, out to the end of December 2027. The contract also includes three extensions of two years each.

Part of the contract includes Clearbox Systems' Foresight OMCS software delivered as a satellite communications management package known as the Operational Monitoring and Control System (OMCS). Under a previous contract, Clearbox Systems delivered the system which is now entering the sustainment and enhancement phase. This complements our Foresight deployment that runs the Australian Defence Wideband Military SATCOM System.

The OMCS allows users to control and monitor satellite use directly. It serves as a sovereign virtual satellite operations centre, allowing users to independently allocate resources, track usage and implement operational changes in real-time through the OMCS dashboard.

Commenting on the extension, Defence’s strategic communications branch commander Brigadier Gregory Novak said Inmarsat had supported ADF satellite communications needs for over 30 years.

“This partnership has increased our capability to support wide-ranging ADF operations and provide greatly improved quality of life services for our deployed people,” he said in a statement.

Inmarsat global government president Todd McDonell said the company would continue to support the ADF across the Army, Navy and Air Force at “any latitude, longitude and altitude”.

“The Australian Defence Force is known the world over for its capability, reliability and the ability to get the job done regardless of the challenges encountered,” he said.

“Inmarsat has always been and continues to be committed to the same high quality standards to which the ADF holds itself.”