Oliver Oakman

Employee Spotlight – Oliver Oakman

Meet Oliver: Oliver joined the Clearbox Systems team a little over year ago in February 2020. Initially engaged as a Senior Systems Engineer, Oliver was quickly promoted to an Engineering Manager role on our largest current Australian Defence project that is delivering a complex, security accredited system-of-systems to run Australian Defence’s Satellite Communications infrastructure.

He has had oversight of streams including Security, Human Factors, Software, ICT and Systems engineering. Along the way, Oliver has supported all his team members and helped the project progress in a positive and light-hearted manner. His efforts are astonishing!

Greg Reid, Managing Director: “Oliver, the team at Clearbox Systems thank you for your tireless efforts. What you have accomplished is incredible and you are a true asset to the company. We are grateful to you for your leadership and raising the bar with your hard work and dedication. And of course, you have achieved this in the midst of a global pandemic while navigating the effects on work practices both at Clearbox Systems and within the customer’s organisation.”

Client testimonial: “I have engaged with Clearbox Systems for several months now, having direct dealings with the Lead Engineer, Oliver Oakman. In these encounters I have been impressed with his engineering integrity and expertise, Oliver has always been very responsive to all requests – he works very quickly with the turnaround of engineering solutions. When presenting a solution, engineering design or change he presents at an appropriate level that the audience can understand. He is eager to learn and understand our process and standards, incorporating that into his design and development of documentation. I have confidence that this experience will be shared by others who have had dealings with Oliver”.