Developing Defence’s next-gen SATCOM System with Boeing

Boeing Defence Australia (BDA) has signed an agreement with Sydney technology company Clearbox Systems to assist in the development of a solution for the Australian Defence Force’s next-generation Satellite Communication (SATCOM) System, also known as Joint Project 9102.

JP9102 aims to deliver a system which will enable the joint command and control of deployed Joint Task Forces through resilient and responsive communications beyond the range and capacity of other communication systems.

BDA and Clearbox’s collaboration will combine Boeing’s expertise in global satellite communications and local development of complex defence communications programs with Clearbox’s extensive SATCOM software development and integration expertise.

“Clearbox is renowned for its ability to integrate system software into a common and intuitive user interface which makes it easier for systems operators,” said JP9102 Capture Team Lead, Michael Konig.

“It is this ability to stitch together different software in a way that makes it seamless for the user that aligns with Boeing’s proven approach on the complex development programs such as the Currawong Battlespace Communications System and Defence High Frequency Communications System,” said Konig.

“The two businesses will collaborate to design a strong solution for JP9102 that provides a low risk, sovereign solution to the ADF’s needs for a flexible, resilient and agile SATCOM system.”

Executive Director at Clearbox Systems, Jeremy Hallett said the company was on a mission to use technology to help Defence better operate and manage their satellite communications networks.

“We already provide our solutions to Defence to allow them to operate their current military and commercial SATCOM systems. It makes sense for us to work with a company such as Boeing to develop a solution for Defence’s next-generation SATCOM system delivered under JP9102,” said Hallett.

The JP9102 tender is expected to be released in the first half of 2021.

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