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The First Look at n2

March 12th, 2010

Clearbox Systems is proud to present the first pictures of n2, its next generation in innovative monitoring and control solutions. Due for release this April at the NAB ShowTM, n2 provides the same industrially-hardened reliability, low-power design and powerful CPU established with nControl. n2 continues this trend in innovation by providing several times more processing speed and expandability in half the physical size.

The shift to a high-speed USB-peripheral architecture opens up a whole new world of options allowing the versatility of integrating almost any off-the-shelf USB peripheral into your system, including serial interfaces, webcams, GSM/3G modems and GPS receivers.  The inclusion of a HDMI port allows easy connection of a DVI monitor for fast and painless configuration.  Plug a keyboard and mouse into the USB ports and you have a tiny, fully-fledged industrial computer at your fingertips.  With modularised hardware, combined with the powerful Newpoint Technologies, Inc. CompassTM Software Suite, the system uniquely addresses distributed remote site monitoring and control.

At NAB, we will be running live demonstrations of n2, including live monitoring of remote booths, and we would love to show you how it works. Please drop by and visit us at the Newpoint booth SU 8921.

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