Redundancy Manager

Redundancy Manager


Redundancy Manager extends Profile Manager’s functionality to provide automated configuration and cutover of redundant equipment under control of a Kratos Compass control system. It can take the place of individual or multiple hardware redundancy controllers and adds additional flexibility and system-wide intelligence capabilities not possible in dedicated controllers.

Once you have defined your system topology via the drag/drop graphical interface you are ready to put some services on-air. Simply select the required source and destination, along with the desired service configuration profile, and the Redundancy Manager will intelligently decide which equipment to use to perform the service. It will then follow your priority rules in order to keep as many services on-air in the face of single and multiple equipment failures.

Redundancy Manager leverages the power of your Compass system to ensure critical services are online, all the time.


Key features of the Redundancy Manager product are:

  • Arbitrary failover topologies – there is no need for a dedicated spare unit, any device can fail over for any other.
  • Service-level prioritization allows for intelligent failover and 100% equipment utilisation. Lower priority services can be sacrificed to allow higher priority services to continue.
  • Hot-spare management – intelligently pre-configures idle equipment for fast failover of your high-priority services.
  • Handles complex system topologies – hierarchically build complex redundancy systems from simple building blocks.
  • Easy GUI-based system configuration – Simply drag connections between devices to define your system topology.
  • Provides signal-flow and service topology information, indicating which devices are currently used to provide a particular service.
  • Integrates with Compass Redundancy warm-standby and failover support.
  • Advanced service uptime reporting.

If any of the following scenarios ring true for you or your site, then Redundancy Manager is the solution for you.

You already have a switch matrix, and don’t want the additional expense of a hardware controller.

You need a flexible controller that can support any brand of equipment, avoiding vendor lock-in.

Fixed failover topologies like N+1, N+2 or 1+1 are too restrictive for your needs. You’d prefer to be able to use any device as a backup, even if it is itself on-air.


Redundancy Manager Datasheet