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Profile Manager

Clearbox Systems is proud to announce Profile Manager – a Kratos Networks Compass software component that allows the saving and restoring of equipment settings.

Profile Manager takes the complexity out of configuration management. When a piece of equipment is manually set up to perform a function, Profile Manager provides a one-click solution to save the settings to a profile store. Once the settings are stored for this service, the Profile Manager can then monitor the equipment and alert the user if the settings ever change. Alternatively these settings can be loaded into another piece of equipment which is useful if the original equipment fails.

Operators that are managing itinerant uplinks where the settings need to be constantly changed from one uplink to another will greatly benefit from Profile Manager. Profiles can be saved for each service that they need to provide, and then at the click of a button, the profile can be applied to the equipment to perform the service. This not only saves time, but more importantly reduces the incidents of operator error due to the incorrect entry of device settings.

Key features of the Profile Manager product are:

  • Seamless integration into existing Newpoint Compass solutions, including Compass TrueNorth.
  • Centralised management GUI for all frequently used device settings
  • Instant notification if an on-air device has a setting changed
  • Combined with Redundancy Manager provides a complete redundancy solution

If any of the following scenarios ring true for you or your site, then Profile Manager is the solution for you.

You are about to leave site after a maintenance visit and you are not 100% sure you put all the devices back into remote mode or auto.

You only have 1 minute before the end of an uplink before the next one goes on-air and you are not sure you got all of the settings correct.

A piece of equipment has failed, you have taken a spare off the shelf and plugged it in. Now you are not sure if all the settings in it are correct for its role.