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Top - CroppedClearbox Systems is proud to present n3, its next generation in innovative monitoring and control solutions. The n3 provides the next generation of miniaturised remote site management hardware that has been developed to meet mil-spec standards for dust, water, temperature, vibration and EM radiation. The unique camouflage case design has interlocking properties as well as improved heat dissipation. The n3 CPU is the brain of the remote site management solution. It features an 800MHz CPU, with 2 ethernet, 2 USB, 2 serial Temperature, 6 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs. It is designed to run Compass or TacNMS and provide local and remote equipment management for your remote site.

In a deployed network of satellite terminals, the n3-CPU provides remote visibility and control of the deployed terminals. Central operators can check and modify configuration, re-engineer links and reduce interference through inadvertent emissions. When operating with a centralised Compass or Foresight NMS the n3-CPU provides an integrated view of the deployed network for M&C and management purposes. This reduces the burden on remote terminal operators. When used in deployed satellite terminals the n3-CPU is designed to enhance and complement the terminal M&C capability and provide a terminal agnostic view of the network to the remote and central operators.

The n3-CPU can be deployed with the n3-DIG, Digitiser for spectrum analysis, and n3-SIG, Signal generation module.


2 x 10/100Mbps Ethernet Ports with auto crossover

2 x High Speed USB 2.0 Ports

2 x RS232/422/485 Ports (RS232 supports handshake signals)

1 x RS232 Console Port

6 x Digital Inputs, Schmitt Trigger TLL 5V Buffered

2 x Digital Outputs, Open Collector 100mA

2 x High Speed Interconnect Bus

Lights Out Capability


Lemo LM-Series IP68 keyed connector 68 pin for IO and Communications

Lemo LM-Series IP68 keyed connector 2 x 8 pin for Power and Transceivers


Cyclone 4E FPGA

800MHz ARM Cortex -A8 CPU

C64x Fixed Point DSP 660, 800 MHz (Max.) Optional

Memory 512MB DDR and 512MB NAND @ 200MHz

microSD card slot


Input Voltage: 8-42V DC unregulated

Power Consumption: max 10W*

Reverse polarity protection +-60V DC

*Actual power consumption will vary depending on application


MTBF 1, 127, 031 hours


Size: 51mm x 38mm x 150mm*

Weight: appox. 250 grams

*With no cable harness


Operating Temperature: -20 to +75C

Relative Humidity: 100%

Certifications and Standards




n3 Datasheet

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