Foresight TacNMS

Foresight TacNMS

TacNMSForesight TacNMS software is designed to provide a single integrated User Interface for small deployed terminals operating FDMA and TDMA Modems. The web based application can be hosted on the terminal itself, a separate laptop, mobile device or Clearbox Systems n3-CPU hardware. TacNMS streamlines the workflows and configuration of the deployed system providing a terminal and modem agnostic interface to the local operator. Where possible workflows and equipment configurations are automated or prompted in the correct operational sequence.

The Equipment overview screen depicts a simplified pictorial representation of the system, displaying both services and the equipment utilised. Each component of the system is shown and its status updated dynamically. If the operator clicks on one of the pieces of equipment in the Overview screen a device mimic screen is displayed. From this screen the operator can see the various settings for the piece of equipment and can control the individual settings if that level of control is required. Changes made to the modem on the device mimic screen impacts the modem settings in the workflow screens.

TacNMS can be integrated into a centralised Network Management System (NMS) to provide Network Operators all the information they need from their deployed terminals. This allows for central operation of the terminal and included modems, reducing the workload of deployed operators. The interface into TacNMS is capable of supporting access by multiple simultaneous operators if required. Alternatively one operator can have multiple screens open on the same TacNMS instance monitoring a number of different parameters.

TacNMS also incorporates a chat panel which allows the operator to chat with other TacNMS system operators. This chat feature is accessed via the Chat button in the Navigation bar. The operator can select a single recipient, or can broadcast to all. Note: The chat feature is available on deployed terminals only when an out-of-band link is available (e.g. M&C order wire).

When a service is actively transmitting the Service status screen is updated in real time with measurement of key metrics. The Service status screen gives a historical view of the key indicators of a service.


TacNMS Datasheet