Foresight ESM

Foresight ESM

Foresight LogoForesight ESM (Electromagnetic Spectrum Management)

Foresight ESM provides both Spectrum Monitoring and Transponder Capacity Planning functionality as optional modules. For Spectrum Monitoring, Foresight SSM can integrate with existing Spectrum Monitoring hardware or systems (for example: Monics) with can be provided by either the user or Clearbox Systems.

For Transponder Capacity Planning, Foresight ESM houses a database of satellites, transponders, leases and carriers to provide graphical displays in the frequency domain and the scheduling  domain to assist in planning.

Live Monitoring:

Foresight, with the backing of Monics or existing spectrum monitoring hardware, enables users to improve their live monitoring capability and fault response by:

  • Providing a summary of the status of all live carriers, including Offline/Normal/Alarm statuses; Eb/N0, C/No, Centre Frequency, Power and Bandwidth for each carrier;
  • Displaying live trace data on the Transponder View; and
  • Live and Historic plots of key metrics including Eb/N0, C/No, Centre Frequency, Power and Bandwidth.

Transponder Capacity Planning:

Foresight enables users to streamline their planning process by:

  • Storing and displaying operational infrastructure including Antennas, Beams, Carriers, Companies, Contacts, Satellites, Sites, Transponders and Transponder Leases;
  • Performing link budget analysis; and
  • Allowing users to view available bandwidth in both frequency and time domains.