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Clearbox Systems Update and Message from Managing Director

Clearbox Systems

Message from Greg Reid, Managing Director

Following the sudden and sharp impact of COVID-19 upon the Australian economy and across the entire business spectrum, I would like to state clearly the intention of Clearbox Systems to continue operating as efficiently and safely as we can to ensure the ongoing resilience and reliability of our clients’ critical communications and broadcast infrastructure across Australia.

People are the key asset and driver of our business, ensuring their safety is paramount. We can then consistently maintain the level of delivery, service and support required for our customers. We have followed ongoing government advice in supporting our staff to work from home where possible in both New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, until such restrictions ease.

With dedicated communication channels, regular team calls and our customer centric support service, our team remains highly functional, effective and focussed in helping our customers maintain their own business operations and goals throughout this challenging period. It is our time to help them as best we can.

We consider Defence, and particularly Defence communications, essential services. Similarly we consider Broadcast, and particularly free to air terrestrial broadcast, also as essential services. It is these critical networks that form the backbone of a coordinated national resilience effort and response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have adjusted and will continue to adapt as required, to ensure continuity and reliability of our services, in support of the broader sovereign industry capability in these trying times.

Business Continuity at Clearbox Systems

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Clearbox Systems are following all directives issued under Federal and State legislature and guidance, as and when it is updated.

Whilst we do not presently have any staff with a confirmed case of COVID-19, we are prioritising the following precautions:

  • Any and all staff who have returned from an overseas trip within the past two (2) weeks are presently self-isolating
  • All staff will be working from home for the immediate future, save for essential access requirements to the Clearbox offices.
  • Physical onsite support at all client facilities is by critical requirement only.
  • With respect to support and hardware, our telephone support is still available and calls will be routed to the most appropriate Clearbox person in line with our existing customer agreements.
  • A limited supply of hardware is in our possession and can be retrieved and/or used for repairs as required to support customer needs.

All maintenance, support, projects and new business requirements are being successfully met with a minimum of disruption.

We see all commercial activities continuing as normal for the foreseeable future.


Supporting Essential Services at Clearbox Systems

Clearbox Systems is sometimes referred to as “the special sauce” that keeps critical communications infrastructure monitored, controlled and operational across Defence, Defence communications and broadcast services. This is primarily due to the unique ability of our monitoring and control software to integrate across hardware circuits, regardless of brand, make or model of the integrated equipment.

With status signals amalgamated and resolved to a simple graphical user interface, operators and onsite support personnel can quickly and easily see alerts, alarms, automated route switching and other unique parameters designed for their needs and ease of operation.

It is through this agnostic integration and amalgamated GUI that Clearbox Systems provides an efficient and highly effective portal for operators to view the equipment status and operational functionality of their critical infrastructure communications network.

With exacting demands presently placed upon all sovereign communications networks throughout this pandemic crisis, Clearbox Systems are squarely positioned to ensure ongoing support for terrestrial broadcast, Defence and Defence communication operation and resilience.

SME Industry Support

At times like these, it is paramount that Australia’s sovereign Defence industry rallies to ensure its fundamental input to capability does not diminish through hardship, inaction or loss of focus.

Clearbox Systems invites all Defence industry organisations to contact us in relation to any significant impacts you may be experiencing. We will work together collaboratively, with as many commercial partners as possible, to ensure the Australian spirit shines through in every sovereign endeavour, to support national resilience.

Contact can be made via the following channels:


Phone: 02 9114 6164

LinkedIn: clearbox-systems

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