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Clearbox Systems delivers SATCOM management software to DSTO

Clearbox Systems has successfully delivered and installed a Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Monitoring and Control (M&C) System for the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO). The Capability Development Group (CDG) funded system was installed at DSTO’s SATCOM development facility in Edinburgh, SA.

The system is built upon the award winning Newpoint Compass management system with Mercury element managers installed at a number of antennas. Clearbox Systems also provided its acclaimed Profile Manager and Redundancy Manager products to provide equipment configuration management.

The installed Mercury units performed remote site monitoring of equipment located at each antenna with monitoring and control functionality replicated to a central system located in the control room. The central system also performs monitoring and control of baseband equipment, network equipment and UPS equipment.

To tailor the system specific to DSTO’s needs, Clearbox Systems performed software development to integrate the equipment into the system. This included the specialist development of a driver for the antenna server controller which is used to point the antennas based on Azimuth/Elevation or Two Line Element (TLE) user inputs.

To increase the value of the system in the future, Clearbox Systems gave advanced developer courses to DSTO engineers. This equips the DSTO with the knowledge required to continue to modify and configure the system to meet requirements.

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