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ADF UHF SATCOM Satellite Network Management System

$7 million award includes new planning and operating capability for more efficient use of UHF SATCOM resources.

Clearbox Systems is pleased to announce it has been selected by ViaSat Inc. to supply its Foresight Satellite Network Management software as the Network Control System Manager (NCSM) to run the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Network Control System (NCS). The NCS is being delivered to support the recently-launched ADF UHF capacity on IS-22 and other existing and future UHF SATCOM payloads, and is delivered under the JP2008 Phase 5A program.

“The capability provided through the NCS will utilise satellites in the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions and support the resources sharing partnership with the United States.” said Stephen Smith MP, Australian Minister for Defence. “The Network Control System will become a critical component for UHF communications capability for ADF personnel operating in the Middle East.”

The core of the NCSM will be Clearbox Systems’ satellite Network Management and Planning software called Foresight. Foresight will provide a single interface for controlling the entire NCS. Foresight allows operators to plan and coordinate the use of satellite resources, manage operator workflows to stand up/down links and display live spectrum monitoring of active links. Foresight’s existing functionality will be enhanced to support interoperability of Legacy Narrowband TDMA Waveforms and the more efficient Integrated Waveform (IW) enabling and increase in channel efficiency and bandwidth.

JP2008 Phase 5A

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