We’re looking for an experienced Software Developer

Creating custom, groundbreaking software solutions is an integral part of what we do at Clearbox Systems, and we’re looking for a talented Senior Software Developer who can manipulate their programming knowledge creatively in order to help innovate cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

Clearbox Systems is a pioneering software engineering firm. We design, develop and manufacture original software and hardware solutions to provide a flexible and unique response to our customer’s needs. We work with a broad range of clients completing a variety of different projects in private industry and Defence. If you’re a creative and self-motivated Software Developer with some decent experience under your belt we could be just the right fit for you. 

Purpose of the Position

As our workload is expanding we’re looking for a Mid-Senior Software Developer who will be confident in applying their knowledge of programming concepts in order to design and build solutions for complex problems. In order to be successful in the position you will need to be a keen problem solver who is able to see and understand the bigger picture, but also be capable of breaking it down and digging into the details.


What You Will Be Doing

On any given day you would be working in a team towards achieving the client’s desired outcomes, potentially you could be across multiple projects including Defence and commercial communications job. Work typically involves critical and creative thinking and executing a mixture of cutting edge technologies and techniques to produce innovative programming and software solutions. You will need to produce clean code that you can read, test and maintain. As a Senior member of the team you’ll be making important design decisions, sharing knowledge with your colleagues to help the team grow as a whole, and be actively learning in order to expand your own skill-set and programming abilities.


The Successful Candidate Will Need:

♦  4+ years experience as a Software Developer
♦  An Engineering or Computer Science degree
♦  Strong programming skills in Java and/or Javascript/HTML/CSS or comparable languages
♦  Thorough understanding of and experience implementing Design patterns
♦  Experience working with large code bases across multiple project modules
♦  Experience working in a collaborative development team environment with developers at a variety of levels
♦  A willingness to learn, be challenged and expand your capabilities and also pass on your knowledge to more junior developers
♦  To be someone who is self-motivated and takes initiative
♦  Due to our clients, Australian Citizenship is a requirement


♦  Experience with Angular JS, JQuery, Typescript, Less CSS
♦  Experience with automated test execution packages for Java and Javascript applications
♦  Experience with JSON & Jackson
♦  Experience with Relational Databases and SQL (e.g.Postgres)
♦  Experience with controlling devices via SNMP
♦  Experience working with an Agile development process
♦  Experience with Distributed Version Control Systems
♦  Experience with or understanding of the principles behind Test Driven Development
♦  Existing Defence experience



Does this sound like you? Get in touch! Email your CV and cover letter to: elise@clearboxsystems.com.au

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