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A first look at n2

Clearbox Systems is proud to announce its newest hardware product offering. n2 is a great addition to the Remote site Monitoring & Control hardware offerings by Clearbox Systems.

The preliminary specifications for the n2 product are as follows:

  • Power: 8-52VDC wide input range @ 25W (max load when all USB ports powered)
  • 600MHz ARM CPU with 256MB RAM
  • 8 x USB ports allowing for peripherals such as GPIO module, Serial Ports, LAN Switch board, GSM module, GPS, Webcam etc.
  • HDMI port for HD video output
  • 10/100 Ethernet Port
  • Physical size: 80mm x 80mm x 25mm
  • Operating System: Ubuntu Linux

n2 Side Main

Following on from the release of n2 we will be releasing a range of USB powered peripheral devices. The current devices on the road map include:

  • 8 DI – 6 Relay Output IO module with temperature sensor
  • RS232, 422, and 485 serial modules
  • 7 port LAN switch

Further to this we plan to certify drivers for specific third party USB devices such as a range of USB 3G modems, and USB Webcams.

Clearbox Systems to deliver WGS Ground Segment Management System

Clearbox Systems is excited to announce a new project win requiring Clearbox Systems to work with one of Australia’s largest Defence contractors, BAE Systems Australia.

The project, being the Ground Segment Management System (GSMS) component of the JP 2008 Phase 3F program, enhances and extends the Australian Defence Force Satellite Communications Capability (ADSCC) through the design and construct of a new satellite ground station and the introduction of a new agile network management system. The new satellite ground station will interface deployed forces accessing the Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) system with the Defence Wide Area Network, and Australian Defence.

Clearbox Systems will be contracted through Newpoint Technologies Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Integral Systems, Inc. The project is due to be operational by 2013. The win, worth in excess of AUD $1 million, underpins Clearbox Systems’ expertise in ground station management systems and its ability to deliver cutting-edge software systems.

When BAE Systems Australia invited US-based Newpoint Technologies to bid for the complex monitoring and control system, Newpoint Technologies recommended Clearbox Systems, its local Australian partner, for delivery of the project. Wally Martland, President of Newpoint Technologies Inc. stated, “We have a long history with Clearbox and they have more than proven their ability to deliver world-class systems. Their local presence and technical capabilities made this an easy decision for us.”

Clearbox will build on Newpoint Technologies’ Compass platform and the Monics system, provided by SAT Corporation, also a wholly owned subsidiary of Integral Systems, Inc. “Compass provides a mature and flexible platform upon which we can build some very sophisticated systems,” said Paul Solomon, Managing Director of Clearbox Systems. “It provides all the core functionality out of the box and allows us to focus on the key areas of customisation and innovation without needing to re-invent the wheel. One of its key strengths is its extensive open API which allows us to hook into any aspect of the system”.

The GSMS will provide the capability of automated service level management of satellite traffic, easing operator workload and providing failsafe uplink services. Securing this win moves Clearbox Systems one step closer to its goal of being the preeminent Australian Monitoring and Control solutions provider.

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