New Wideband SDR prototype readies for commercial production

Clearbox Systems is pleased to have completed prototyping with the Royal Australian Air Force for a new, small form factor, Software Defined Radio.

With dimensions of 90mm x 104mm x 152mm and weighing in at 1.2kg the unit packs an impressive set of features, including:

  • RF: TX/RX from 70MHz-6GHz, 12-bit depth, 0.2MHz – 56MHz IBW (in the variant show, there is also a HF variant)
  • PNT: GNSS Module
  • Comms: 4G LTE Modem for private LTE BLOS (in this variant), Ethernet of USB
  • CPU: available for use by customer
  • Power: rechargeable batter system providing up to 4.5 hours estimated run time
  • Antenna: interchangeable depending on platform/mission

The initial deployment will be running some Clearbox Systems software that enables interoperability of the unit with ADF and coalition software suites. In this configuration, the unit will provide a non-sensitive, low-cost, fully expendable ISREW sensor solution.

It can be deployed in theatre in great numbers to rapidly sense and shape the electromagnetic spectrum in advance of additional forces being committed.

Trials will also see the unit deployed on UAVs, High-altitude balloons and other air mobility assets.

We’re proud to be working with the Royal Australian Air Force to remake ISREW for a 5th generation battlespace. Any sensor, any platform, any effector.

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